Personal Branding via Vibes & Vulnerability with Jessica Zweig

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 2:39 An Introduction to Jessica Zweig
  • 3:25 Your Brand is How People Talk About You When You’re Not in the Room
  • 5:13 How Do We Find Our Main Message?
  • 8:50 One Thing One Thousand Times
  • 09:37 Our Mess is Our Message
  • 13:44 Love or Fear?
  • 15:25 What Did You Love About the People Who Helped You?
  • 21:37 Even Experts Don’t Make Time for Themselves
  • 23:54 Be Your Own Hero

An Introduction to Jessica Zweig

Jessica is the CEO of SimplyBe and author of Be.- A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself. She hosts retreats and serves as a consultant, and I am so excited to have had her on the podcast.

Your Brand is How People Talk About You When You’re Not in the Room

How do we control what people say and think about us? Jessica reminds us to walk our walk both online and offline. We have to show up well in both of these spaces. Your brand will become what YOU say it is when you get proactive about it. Using our gifts to serve our audience is the best way to control the narratives that surround our story.

We all have bad days but we can be self-aware and real about all of these moments. This helps us to stay the course and remain consistent.

How Do We Find Our Main Message?

There is a Hologram Exercise in Be. that is a solution to the overwhelm that we can all feel when we try to build online entrepreneurship. Recognizing our stories and how to package them for others can be incredibly difficult. Jessica suggests we pick four stories to exercise clarity to help others understand our brand in less than thirty seconds.

We’re human. We’re really not supposed to be understood in thirty seconds. This exercise helps us create a bridge between this depth and clarity. What do you know? What makes you great? How do you serve your clients? What lights you up? All of these elements can turn into part of your brand, attracting the right clients.

You can’t be all the things, though. Remember that.

One Thing One Thousand Times

We can post about one thousand things one time or one thing one thousand times. Which, of these two, will people remember? Having a similar core in all of our work helps us to clarify our purpose. Jessica’s book is like a workbook, full of resources to help narrow down what our main message should be.

Our Mess is Our Message

Our mess is our message, and this can become our mission. Jessica works with very successful people, and lots of these people want to know when she failed. We feel like we need to hide these stories. Now, we don’t want to overshare, but vulnerability is a powerful tool.

Jessica reminds us that we all have value because we are human. When we are transparent when speaking with our clients, we can cut through the BS and help people really learn from our stories. Your reliability is more important than your resume.

I used to be all ego on social media. People didn’t connect with me until I started posting my humanity.

Love or Fear?

Jessica admits that she had to learn how to show up with her heart. Love shows up as service in our relationships, while fear shows up as ego. We connected because we could feel how much we both genuinely care about the people who we are helping, and this authenticity radiates throughout everything we do.

Sharing inspiration and excitement with one another only made our bond in this work stronger, and this is a huge part of Be.

What Did You Love About the People Who Helped You?

Your vibe and energy are scientifically, really, part of your brand. When you become aware of the energy you put out into the world by tuning in with mindfulness, we are able to affect our vibrations. It’s so important to share your voice and your face because it helps people to understand your true energy.

The vibrations of things and resonance don’t have to touch to be affected by other things. Especially since COVID-19, we have needed to find new ways to connect with one another and work on our brands to overcome difficulties. How can you use what you loved about the people who have helped you hone YOUR voice to help your own tribe thrive?

Even Experts Don’t Make Time for Themselves

Jessica is currently having a very hard time making space for herself throughout all of her great work. She’s constantly tired and says she is failing at self-care and self-prioritization. She has pitched clients that didn’t say yes, but is able to view these moments and opportunities down the line.

She is usually pretty vigilant about boundaries and time, but it’s hard to do this during a book launch. Making voicing this with us will help her to focus on herself again a little bit more!

Be Your Own Hero

“Comfort zones will keep you safe. They’ll keep you small.” Chills. We become confident and grow, learning our own power, by seeking our micro-moments of bravery each day. This could be talking about something new on Instagram or asking for more money from our clients. Our comfort zone is our limit, and if we want to be different we need to break through these. Confidence is a muscle that gets stronger each time we flex it.

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