Kindra Hall: Stories that Stick

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 0:01 An Introduction to Kindra Hall
  • 1:24 Why She Wrote Stories That Stick
  • 3:11 The Best Books Have Impact
  • 4:30 People Respond to Struggle
  • 12:04 A Big Story Myth
  • 15:16 Sometimes Sharing Your Story Gets You Through It
  • 18:00 The Business Perspective
  • 20:42 Our Legacy
  • 23:54 Be Your Own Hero

An Introduction to Kindra Hall

Kindra is the best-selling author of Stories That Stick. She is an awesome speaker, consultant, and blogger! I discovered Kindra when she spoke to our company as a keynote speaker. Her stories sucked us in!

Why She Wrote Stories That Stick

This book was about ten years in the making. She wrote her first story at eleven! She was working in sales and marketing but realized that her younger self’s discovery was still relevant. She always defaulted to stories but realized that not everyone did this.

She wanted people to understand that stories are powerful and give them what they needed to find the words to use. Stories are happening all around us, “You just have to choose to tell them.”

The Best Books Have Impact

After reading Kindra’s book, I’ve noticed when people tell amazing stories. I’ve also found myself noting stories I want to tell. Any book can be kind of fun to read, but the best books are actually impactful on my life after I’ve put them down. Reading this book reminded our tribe that our stories matter and that we should share them!

People Respond to Struggle

People respond well to authenticity. This means that people also appreciate when we are honest about our struggles online. The potential problem with this is that we become our stories. By sharing what we know of ourselves, especially in captions on social media, we reaffirm that those stories are who we are to ourselves.

Stories That Stick is more about business than personal development, but Kindra pushes us to come out on the other side of our struggles. We don’t want to air our dirty laundry too much, but sharing how we overcome our struggles often helps others.

Kindra shared the idea that if you end a story and it’s still negative, that means the story is actually still unfinished. This doesn’t mean we can’t share these stories, but we should acknowledge where within them we are sitting at the time of posting.

A Big Story Myth

All this being said, your stories do not need to be big or about struggles at all. You don’t need to overcome tragedy. Stories just need to be real. Kindra told us a story about taking her daughter to ballet on a day when she was particularly crabby. She got a really great photo of her daughter’s happiness, even despite her mood.

Even more than the financial benefits of sharing small moments like this, they can have a beautifully personal impact.

Sometimes Sharing Your Story Gets You Through It

A commenter mentioned that sometimes sharing your story is what allows you to move through it. When my eldest child moved out, I recognized myself going through the stages of grief including sharing my story on social media! Women shared their stories with me and we all helped each other heal and adapt to my new normal.

The Business Perspective

Kindra opens her keynotes with a handful of different stories. Some of them are as simple as a haircut story or her husband purchasing cologne. Kindra has built her success on these small stories. Sometimes the connection that comes in stories comes from far-reaching spaces, but for the most part, everyone has had a bad haircut. All of these are relevant.

Our Legacy

We should share our stories with our loved ones because we don’t always think to do so! I told my daughter a story that made her feel less alone. While not everyone who reads this blog is a parent or businessperson, it is crucial to meet challenges our loved ones deal with the challenges of our and their pasts. Remember when you conquered your fears to push yourself to conquer your current ones!

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