Luvvie Ajayi Jones – Professional Troublemaker

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 01:06 Introduction to Luvvie Ajay Jones
  • 03:58 How Luvvie describes a “trouble maker.”
  • 07:11 What is the biggest fear about speaking up?
  • 10:36 “Fail it till you nail it.”
  • 15:59 The difference between nice and kind
  • 23:33 Three questions to ask yourself when making split-second decisions
  • 27:53 The Love Nation Community 
  • 31:11 How to avoid toxic positivity 

Introduction to Luvvie Ajay Jones

In this episode, we are going to be talking to writer, speaker, truth-teller; Luvvie Ajay Jones. She is a New York Times bestselling author and a long-time blogger of 18 years! Not to mention, a highly sought-after speaker. You may have heard of some of the companies she’s spoken at … Google, Nike, Spotify, Twitter, etc. 

How Luvvie describes a “trouble maker.”

Kelli asks the question, “How would you define “trouble maker” to those who have not read the book?” Luvvie tells Kelli that she believes a troublemaker is a disrupter for the greater good. That they are the people who say and do the hard things when it’s necessary. She goes on to tell Keli that they might be the one who’s sitting in the meeting in the office, and says, “you know, let’s rethink that campaign idea.” 

What is the biggest fear about speaking up?

Luvvie mentions during the interview that one of the biggest fears about speaking up and being bold is that you’re probably going to do so and come with some haters in the end. She goes on to confirm it’s a valid fear and you gotta learn how to just “do it” and know that it will be alright. She exclaims that if you face your worst-case scenarios and know that you will come out better in the end, you’re truly turning a “fail” into a learning situation.

“Fail it till you nail it.”

If you fail at business, you will learn lessons. You didn’t really fail…you learned something that actually teaches you in instruction, that the next step needs to look different. Every time you fail, and you fall on your face, there is power in it. Take failure as simply feedback.

The difference between nice and kind

We all want to be nice. We want people to think we are nice. Being nice is saying hi…while being kind is addressing that you have not had lunch. 

You do not have to be the nicest person in the room. But you can be the kindest person.

Three questions to ask yourself when making split-second decisions

When speaking the truth, and when making split-second decisions…it’s important to quantify your decision-making. Ask yourself three questions. If the answer is yes to all three, I say whatever I have to say, and then just do whatever comes whether somebody likes it or not.

Do I mean it?
Can I defend it?
Can I say it thoughtfully?

The Love Nation Community

Luvvie talks about The Love Nation Community – a space to build community, find courage, and get life and career cheat codes. Created by Luvvie, it’s a place that does not have the trolls and the haters; it’s all about women empowering each other to live audacious lives professionally and personally.

How to avoid toxic positivity

We also talked about toxic positivity – the idea that you should be happy and joyful and positive at all times, no matter what is happening around you. It’s the way that you react to a person who is struggling, who is hurting. By understanding and relating…not telling them “it’s going to be ok, just move on…etc.” You just told them that there’s something wrong with the idea that they could be feeling something negative right now, and that’s not how we want to serve and work with people.

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