Brooke Romney: Raising Confident Teens

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 00:54 Scarce Resources for Moms with Teens
  • 05:17 How Can We Help Our Teens Be More Confident?
  • 12:00 Brooke’s Most Popular Questions
  • 16:55 How Do You Motivate Teens?
  • 22:50 How Do You Get Your Kids to Be Not So Negative?
  • 32:36 How to Get Your Teenage Sons to Open Up
  • 40:00 Teenage Girls & Body Image
  • 44:00 What Makes a Fear-Less Girl?


Scarce Resources for Moms with Teens

In this episode, we’re going to be talking about helping and empowering teens – Brooke’s specialty. I recently read I Like Me Anyways and I liked it so much that I brought her on to chat. Brooke has 3 teenagers (oldest 18) and she felt like she had a lot of resources for toddlers and young children, but not a lot for teens. Moms need resources to help them figure out these stages!

It’s hard to see your children go through struggles. You don’t want to talk about their problems publicly like you can with toddlers, so it can be a silent struggle.

How Can We Help Our Teens Be More Confident?

So many teens struggle with confidence! Brooke believes that we should teach our teens that weaknesses are okay and everybody has them. She also believes that it’s important to help them realize their strengths and where their creativity can shine. As a parent, you can get vulnerable with your child and share some of your weaknesses too.

It’s also important to help kids not define themselves by things they do or what they look like. These things can go away and you don’t want to be left empty if something goes away. There are strengths that can’t be taken away (sense of humor, kindness, helpfulness) and these are the ones that should be focused on.

Brooke’s Most Popular Questions

So many teens are struggling with friendships, fitting in, and feeling alone. These are the struggles Brooke hears about most often. Especially with social media being as prevalent as it is, it’s easy to compare yourself to others.

How Do You Motivate Teens?

This one is hard because Brooke has teens all over the map on this topic. One that you have to drag out of bed in the morning, and another that would get all A’s without any push. Sometimes parents have to force their kids to do things that will be good for them, and reinforce and compliment them when they have positive behaviour. 

How Do You Get Your Kids to Be Not So Negative?

Negativity is oftentimes just a part of the teenage years – so don’t take it so personally! There is usually a short stage of intense negativity. As a parent, you should be an example of positive energy. It’s also important to not go down to their level during moments of negativity. If somebody is having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you do too. 

How To Get Your Teenage Sons to Open Up

Having an open home with a place where conversations can happen often is important. Boys like to talk while doing so if you’re having a hard time connecting with them, take them on a drive to get food or go somewhere, or rebound their basketballs, or play legos.

Teenage Girls & Body Image

Teenage girls and body image is a very difficult topic. One thing that Brooke finds encouraging is the variety of bodies that we get to see in all different spaces. As a parent, it’s important to make sure that your child sees fit people, skinny people, larger people, tall people, etc.

What Makes a Fear-Less Girl?

A fear-less girl embraces who she is right now and is excited about being better. She doesn’t get distracted by who everybody else is, but also gets excited about her future self without feeling bad about her current self.

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