Leah Remillet: Full-Time Income on Part-time Hours

Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews business coach, strategist, and speaker Leah Remillet. They discuss how to implement systems that set you up for success while actually working less hours. Leah shares tips to overcome common traps that women fall into as mothers and business owners, and how to live a life that aligns with your vision. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 00:57 Introduction 
  • 07:02 Inspiration Behind the Business
  • 14:48 The Toxicity of Hustle Culture
  • 22:34 Living Out the Vision of The Lifestyle You Want
  • 31:54 Simplify Instead of Complicate
  • 35:27 The Number One Time Waster for Mompreneurs 
  • 40:26 Strategies to Stay Accountable


A little background about how Leah and Kelli met. As funny as it is, their friendship started with a bulleted list over the internet. They instantly connected, and since then Leah has been Kelli’s business coach. Kelli shares some details about Leah’s background. She talks about how she built a 7 figure business teaching women how to have a thriving business and life. After taking a break to travel the world with her family, she is back at it with her group coaching membership. She excels at building systems so women entrepreneurs don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Inspiration Behind the Business

Leah talks about what originally inspired her to start a business. Her main idea was that she wanted to make as much money as possible in a little time as possible. As the opportunities kept coming and presenting themselves, she was saying yes to everything. Falling into the trap of not wanting to say no. It looked great from the outside, but she was dying on the inside. She started by giving up sleep, but eventually, her body taught her a lesson. From that moment she realized she needed to do something differently. She drastically reduced her hours without losing money in the business, in fact increasing profits. She realized she needed to show other women how to do this. She set out how to answer the question of how to be amazing mothers and also embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in creating something that matters. 

The Toxicity of Hustle Culture

Resentment is a leading sign of overwhelm. Kelli and Leah talk about the toxicity of hustle culture and how it has been praised in our culture for years. This culture encourages people to work in a way that sacrifices relationships. People often make comparisons to other people’s lives when actually living in much different circumstances. Leah shares the law of the harvest as an antidote to hustle culture. She talks about busy seasons, seasons of rest, and setting parameters. Every time we say yes to something, we need to say no to something else. When posed with a new opportunity, ask yourself, is this really in alignment with what you’re trying to achieve? By choosing boundaries in which things to say yes to, we release the resentment attached to saying yes to everything. Boundaries are a form of self-respect. From the process of unlearning these toxic patterns, we can gain relief. 

Living Out The Vision of The Lifestyle You Want 

Leah proposes an exercise. Ask yourself what you want to feel on a regular workday, evening, weekend. She shares a story of how she implemented small changes into the routine of her workday that restored her self-care, personal development, and focus. She talks about making a shift from finding value in busyness. You have to know what your primary goal is. Go five layers deep. Once you understand your goal, look at how you can achieve it. 

Simplify Instead of Complicate

Just because you are good at a lot of things, does not mean you should be doing everything. Look at the why behind things and simplify in a way that doesn’t consume everything. She talks about how women often do things because they feel like they should, instead of because they actually want to. Leah advocates giving yourself permission to say no sometimes. They talk about the energy we bring when we do things that we want vs things that we don’t.  

The Number One Time Waster for Mompreneurs

The problem is the lack of boundaries and the commitments to keeping them. The number one person we break commitments to is ourselves. Leah shares how it’s a game-changer to turn off your notifications on your devices. It’s a shift that stops people from interrupting you and lets you come to them. She shares advice about starting with the most important thing first that is actually going to move your business forward, instead of letting interruptions rule your day. 

Strategies To Stay Accountable 

How can you set up systems that hold you accountable? Leah shares tips to outsmart yourself so you can get out of your own way. For example, knowing that you will try to talk yourself out of working out in the morning. You can lay out your materials the night before so you can’t make excuses. Another idea is posting your working hours on your home office door so that your family schedule is in alignment with your work schedule. And it helps keep you accountable from overworking. She reminds us to implement fun ways to reinforce our goals. Celebrate your successes. And to celebrate outcomes and results instead of busyness. 

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