Kelli France: Gratitude Improves Confidence and Happiness

Description: In the spirit of Thanksgiving Kelli recorded a solo episode talking about how gratitude can build confidence and happiness. She shares the wisdom she’s gained from practicing gratitude during tough times in her own life, some of her favorite quotes, and study findings for how gratitude can improve your life. She also shares several helpful tips for how you can take action to adopt a more grateful perspective starting today. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 0:54 Introduction to the Benefits of Gratitude
  • 01:55 Bringing Light to Times of Struggle 
  • 05:15 A Change of Perspective
  • 08:57 Get Over Your Issues and Rock Your Life
  • 12:07 3 Ways To Practice Gratitude

Introduction to the Benefits of Gratitude

Feelings of gratitude and feelings of confidence are directly related. By seeing our lives through the lens of gratitude, people are able to find greater value in themselves and the people around them. 

Bringing Light to Times of Struggle

There was a time when Kelli’s family was really struggling financially. At a time when they didn’t have a lot, she decided to count her blessings by writing down what she was thankful for. She shares some of the things that made her happy at that time. She uses her journal entry as an example of taking notice of the little things that make us happy and focusing on them instead of the bad. She reminds us that what we focus on expands. Kelli also shares her husband’s experience with writing in a gratitude journal and how it has improved his life. 

A Change Of Perspective

Kelli shares a quote by Wayne Dyer – “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” She advocates for gratitude as a way to change our perspective in order to invite more love for ourselves and our lives. She talks about the shift that takes place when we focus on the positive, starting from the level of our own thoughts. She cites a recent study on gratitude by psychologist Robert Emmons about the benefits of gratitude as a daily practice. These benefits include greater happiness, better sleep, physical benefits and no side effects. Kelli talks about ways to incorporate gratitude into your life. These methods are beneficial when reflecting and connecting with others. 

Get Over Your Issues and Rock Your Life

Kelli shares more of her favorite quotes as well as more findings on the benefits of gratitude. She talks about shifting from a “lack” state to a “have” state. 

3 Ways To Practice Gratitude

Kelli shares three ways to incorporate gratitude into your life. First, notice the good things. Second, savor, absorb, and pay attention in those moments of gratitude. Be present with it so you can remember it. Third, express your gratitude. She reminds us that everything we need is already within us. She concludes the episode with a challenge to get your gratitude practice started and to make the shift into living through a lens of gratitude. 

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