Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews a very special guest. Charnaie Gordon! Charnaie gives inspiring talks on Diversity and Inclusion, provides strategies for diversifying your bookshelves, and empowers families to instill a love of reading and curiosity in their children. In this episode, Kelli and Charnaie talk about how to incorporate more books into their homes in 2022. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 01:09 Where the love of books came from 
  • 04:49 Teaching kids to read a diverse set of books
  • 06:13 Tips on how to read more books in 2022 
  • 11:15  Monthly family read aloud
  • 15:20 Kelli and Charnaie’s tips to read more books
  • 17:30 Charnaie’s favorite books from 2021 

Where the love of books came from

Charnaie tells Kelli about how books have always spoken to her. How they were a huge comfort in her life especially as a child.  She talks about one of the things that really got her excited about books and book clubs was Oprah Winfrey.

Teaching kids to read a diverse set of books

Kelli and Charnaie share their beliefs of introducing children to a wide variety of books. Diverse books about different cultures, different beliefs, different races, and print, and all things that they may not experience in their own immediate lives. 

Tips on how to read more books in 2022

Charnaie shares her tips for how to read more books in 2022. She said she would read as many books as to how old she is. She shares that if you want to read more books, you can. She describes that you must make reading a priority in your life. 

Monthly family read aloud 

Kelli asks Charnaie to share her fun family trick to read more books. Charnaie describes a fun thing she does with her family. Where she does a monthly family read-aloud together with a chapter book. 

Kelli and Charnaie’s tips to read more books

Kelli tells the audience about how she tries to read more books. She gives a few tips on how this can be possible and super easy. Charnaie shares her tips as well. 

Charnaie’s favorite books from 2021

Charnaie shares her favorite books from 2021. 

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