Dave Hollis: Finding Your Why


Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews Best Selling Author, Coach, and Podcast Host Dave Hollis. This is a conversation about connecting to your purpose and having the courage to step into the unknown for a life of impact and fulfillment. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 01:27 Dave’s New Book ‘Built Through Courage’
  • 09:45 What Would You Have Me Do?
  • 20:08 Jason and Jared
  • 26:22 Four Ways to Find Your Why
  • 37:49 Learning Through Application

Dave’s New Book ‘Built Through Courage’

Kelli asks Dave about his tattoo that serves as the inspiration behind his new book. He talks about the mantra that relates to living outside of your comfort zone, overcoming self-doubt, and believing in yourself. He talks about how the lessons he’s learned through coaching are also interwoven into his new book. Dave shares how even though he’s written this book, we are all human in our imperfections, but we can strive to elevate our mindsets and live with courage. This book can be used as a guide to step into things bigger than ourselves. 

What Would You Have Me Do?

In reference to a chapter in Dave’s book, Kelli and Dave talk about how, as humans, we naturally put so much weight on the opinions of other people. Dave talks about the three groups of people in our lives and the value we should assign to those people’s opinions according to their group. Dave talks about living with criticism when creating a life of impact.

Jason and Jared

Dave shares an idea from a chapter in his book about Jason and Jared. He talks about what we need for a journey into the unknown. The first is faith. Having faith that you will get the things that you need delivered to you when you need them, allowing you to continue the journey that you’re on. He talks about how these messages came through in his life, at the times he needed to hear them, and led him in the direction he needed to go. It taught him that what we look for in life will appear, whether you are focusing on the positive or negative. 

Four Ways to Find Your Why

Dave says the most frequent question he receives is “what should I do if I can’t find my calling?” He shares four ways to help people find their ‘why’. The first is passion, something that brings you excitement in life and propels you forward. He often asks people to think about who they wanted to be before they became anything they are now. He shares a variety of other questions that people can ask themselves to identify their passion. The second thing is something that you’re great at. He talks about connecting to the gifts you’ve been given. By developing your unique skills, you can build confidence and feel great about yourself. The third thing is impact and finding a way to serve others. This will help you in finding your sense of fulfillment. The fourth is about provisions and taking the thing that you’re passionate about, and finding a way to monetize it. After identifying these things, he recommends finding something that includes all of these elements to find your ‘why’. Kelli adds that our talents can be part of our personality as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a visible skill. 

Learning Through Application

Kelli talks about how Dave’s new book includes journal prompts and exercises to really allow the knowledge to stick. By participating in these active learning activities, you can facilitate the transfer of knowledge and begin to incorporate it into your life. In conclusion, Dave shares how you can connect with him as well as purchase his new book. Please find the resources listed below. 

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