Suzy Holman: Being Brave in Business

Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews Suzy Holman. Suzy is the Co-founder of Jovi, The Founder of Suzy School and a mom of four. She teaches women entrepreneurs to be in alignment throughout motherhood and in business. She is a serial entrepreneur and has so much wisdom to share with you today!


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 01:30 Celebrating Suzy’s Successes
  • 04:30 The Queen of Bravery in Business
  • 09:50 Creating Our Own Definitions of Success
  • 17:44 Days When You Don’t Feel as Fearless 
  • 24:41 Authenticity is a Superpower
  • 27:33 Balancing It All

Celebrating Suzy’s Successes 

Suzy is a mom of four, and she has grown multiple million dollar businesses while her kids were still in carseats. She is proud that she’s stayed consistent in motherhood and in her business. And, she has shown up on Instagram almost every day for eight years, which is definitely something to be proud of. Jovie, her business, also had multiple million dollar days in one year! Kelli and Suzy talk about how we often only see other people’s successes on Instagram, not how they got there. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. 

The Queen of Bravery in Business 

Suzy believes there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and she walks that line often. She recommends operating in small bursts of brave and changing course later if needed. As an influencer, Suzy was losing herself on social media. So she decided to do what felt right to her, and that was going private on instagram. She recommends living life in a way that feels in alignment to you. When you do what feels scary, those big moves can pay off, if it’s in alignment. She says to do it even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else, but you.

Creating Our Own Definitions of Success

We need to create our own definitions of success, not base our lives off of other people’s dreams and fulfillment. It looks different for everyone. Ask yourself, “what do you really want? Kelli asks Suzy about what some of her setbacks have been throughout her entrepreneurship career. She learned that success is not a straight shot to the moon. And sometimes we make business decisions based on what success looks like for us individually. Suzy shares how entrepreneurship is more of a roller coaster ride than an escalator ride. But because of that, it’s the best way to grow in every aspect of your life. 

Days When You Don’t Feel as Fearless 

Suzy believes in knowing when something is out of alignment and paying attention to days when you feel off. When you pay attention to those feelings and are more aligned, you will have  fewer off days. She is a huge advocate of taking yourself to a place of unfocus and letting the wisdom come to you. Then releasing yourself from the things that feel like work. Things get exciting when you get outside of what you “should” do. If you are feeling more drained than energized. You are out of alignment. Bring the fun back in! Our energy often gets blocked. Try to get to the bottom of why it feels so hard. 

Authenticity is a Superpower

Suzy thinks that authenticity is her superpower. There are low vibration emotions and high vibration emotions. Suzy believes that we attract what we are putting out into the world. When in alignment, your vibration will attract the right people. 

Balancing It All

As a mom of four, people wonder how she balances being a mom while having multiple businesses. You don’t, you just don’t. But Suzy talks about choosing higher vibration emotions when operating as a mom. Mom guilt is a low vibration emotion. What’s next for Suzy is centered on helping people learn about their vibrations. She is shifting the focus from business and marketing strategy. It’s new territory, but she is excited.  

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