Nikki Nash: Marketing is Like Dating

Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews Nikki Nash, Author of Market Your Genius. Nikki realized that life was too short to work in a corporate cubicle and decided to embark on starting the business that she’s always wanted to create. After trying different things, she has found her joy and has learned so much in the process. In this episode, they discuss marketing, finding your genius and landing a steady flow of clients in a way that’s comparable to dating. 


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • 01:16 Celebrating Nikki’s Successes
  • 04:35 Life is Too Short for Corporate
  • 10:00 Hitting Rock Bottom and Making a Change
  • 16:50 Finding Your Genius
  • 28:05 Getting a Consistent Flow of Clients
  • 43:15 Future Forecasting


Celebrating Nikki’s Successes 

Nikki talks about how she is proud of getting her book deal and getting it published. She has dreamt of doing this since she was ten years old and she finally made it happen! She says it was one of the biggest personal development journeys of her life. Nikki talks about how she got the push of inspiration she needed after having this dream for so long.

Life is Too Short for Corporate 

Nikki was working at Intel living in Portland, Oregon. At this time she learned of her aunt having ovarian cancer, which equated to her realizing that ovarian cancer ran in her family. Her grandmother also passed away from ovarian cancer. After realizing she was at high risk, it put things into perspective about what she was doing with her life. And the fact that she was spending her life in a cubicle. She got empowered to make a change and decided she was going to start her own business. After she quit her job, she went to Mexico for two weeks. The first week was amazing, and then the panic set in. She reverted to looking for jobs while still in Mexico, even though she had planned on starting her own business. Fear took over and she worried about being capable and able to make money. 

Hitting Rock Bottom and Making a Change

To ease her worries about making money in her business, she got a job at a tech startup. She told herself that by doing so, she would learn how to be an entrepreneur. At first it was amazing, but then the job turned into something that she didn’t think it would be. She lost all sense of self. She hit rock bottom and her best friend gave her the push she needed to actually start her business. While she was in between quitting and starting her business, she was battling the concept of how to move forward. All she knew was that she wasn’t happy and decided that she needed to quit. 

Finding Your Genius 

Nikki started her own business. She started by being a marketing consultant for tech startups. After a year she realized it wasn’t for her, and decided to pivot what she was doing. From there, she moved into teaching, marketing and mentorship and found her joy. Her advice for finding your genius is to try new things and pay attention to what brings you joy. You don’t have to stick with one thing forever even though society makes us feel like we do. When making changes in our careers, we often let other people’s opinions have more weight than they should. When in reality, people aren’t really paying as much attention as we think they are. It’s okay to just try things, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just try it out!

Getting a Consistent Flow of Clients

Kelli asks Nikki how to get a consistent flow of clients. Consistency is the first big piece. She makes the comparison of getting a new client, to getting a date. You need to flirt and date before you make a marriage proposal. It’s about building trust and building relationships. For getting clients in a digital world, you’ll first want to figure out where your people are and where they are spending their time. Then you’ll need to figure out how to capture their attention. Once you have their attention, you need to say or offer something of value that will allow you to connect with them further. After you have their contact information, you need to figure out how to give them a great experience. By doing these things, you will warm them up to who you are and what you’re about, so that when it’s time to purchase, they will be ready. This process builds a relationship and builds trust. Your methods will evolve as your business grows. Don’t forget to track your results along the way, and don’t get in your head about the numbers.  

Future Forecasting

Nikki reflects on where she started in her business, and a time when she had a major win, even when she hadn’t been receiving the instant gratification on social media. Just because you aren’t getting all of the likes or comments doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing it. Kelli asks Nikki to share a concept from her book called future forecasting. She recommends doing an exercise where you basically reverse engineer your goals. The exercise helps you visualize and feel the success that you want to have. Writing it down and reading it will help you stay in alignment with where you’d like to go. Putting your goals on paper has so much power. Kelli concluded the episode by asking Nikki what she does on the days that she’s not feeling confident or fearless. 

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