109. I WROTE A BOOK! Here’s How I Did It!


🎉 Hey, Fearless Friends! 🎉 It’s Kelli France, and today is beyond special because after so many setbacks and hiccups it is finally time to offically annouce my book to the world! “One Goal for a Hundred Days,” just launched on Amazon, turning me into an author! 📚✨

I poured my heart into this book, sharing the transformative journey of setting and achieving a goal over 100 days. It’s not just a book; it’s a movement that has empowered thousands of women to take charge of their dreams. Join me on this journey, grab the book on Amazon, and let’s make the next 100 days the most impactful of our lives! 🌟💪 #FinallyFearless #OneGoalFor100Days

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“One Goal for a Hundred Days” Book Launch

Yes, you read it right — I wrote a book! 🥳 “One Goal for a Hundred Days” isn’t just a book; it’s a movement that’s changing lives. I share my story of writing it in 100 days and the inspiring journeys of thousands of women who embraced the challenge.

What’s the Book About?

It’s a motivational journal packed with essays, journal prompts, and stories of women tackling diverse challenges. From business goals to daily habits, it’s a guide to build confidence, overcome obstacles, and witness progress.

Why Does This Movement Work?

By committing to one goal for a hundred days, you focus on the process, not just the result. It’s a deliberate effort to build confidence, overcome obstacles, and witness progress in a way that’s both powerful and sustainable.

New Year, New Challenge

As we step into the new year, it’s the perfect time to embark on your “One Goal for a Hundred Days” journey. Ditch overwhelming resolutions and commit to one thing for a hundred days. Dive into the challenge, experience wins, and transform with the power of persistence.

If you grab the book before January 1st, there are exclusive bonuses waiting for you on my website. Plus, I’ve started an accountability group, “You Go Girl,” because having a partner in your journey increases your chances of success by 65%!

Join the Celebration

Whether you’re getting the book, participating in the challenge, or joining the accountability group, know that you’re not alone. Let’s make these 100 days count and celebrate the fearless individuals we are!

Thanks for being part of this journey, cheering me on, and embracing the spirit of “Finally Fearless.” Here’s to birthdays, goals, dreams, and the extraordinary power within us! 🌈

Cheers, Kelli France ✨ #OneGoalFor100Days #FinallyFearless #Goals #Transformation

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