108. How Clutter Affects Confidence w/ The Organized Mama, Jessica Litman


We all know that clutter isn’t fun, but have you ever thought about how clutter might be affecting your confidence?!?

Turns out there is actually a correlation between the two! Join me and Jessica Litman, AKA The Organized Mama as we discuss how clearing the clutter can skyrocket your confidence and the many other benefits that it can bring into your life. 

Before we dive into the clutter-busting wisdom Jessica’s about to drop, let me just say, this woman is the real deal. She’s been named People.com’s organizing and DIY expert, authored books on decluttering busy family lives, hosts the Organizing Tune Ups podcast, and is a certified Feng Shui consultant. Oh, and did I mention she’s a mom of two in Minnesota? Talk about a superhero!

Alright, let’s jump into the juicy stuff – how clutter affects confidence.

In this episode:

Journey into Organization

Jessica spills the beans on her journey into teaching moms how to stay organized. From her foundation as an organized person to her days as an elementary school teacher, Jessica’s passion for organization only grew. Becoming a mom herself kicked things up a notch, leading to a blog, in-home organizing ventures, and now digital courses. The woman knows her stuff!

Pivoting Through a Pandemic

The pandemic wasn’t easy for anyone, but Jessica turned challenges into opportunities. Virtual organizing over Zoom became her superhero cape, helping families declutter and organize remotely. The shift stuck, making her services more accessible and efficient. Virtual high-fives for embracing change and keeping it real!

Confidence is a Work in Progress

When it comes to confidence, Jessica’s still on the journey herself. The pressure women feel to put accomplishments on the back burner hits home, but celebrating wins, big and small, is the secret sauce. Daily renewal of courage is the name of the game, reminding us all that confidence is a constant work in progress.

Decluttering the Mind

Clutter isn’t just physical; it’s mental too. Jessica breaks down the three types of clutter: mental, visual, and physical. Tackling these aspects is key to regaining confidence. Daily brain dumps, meditation, and finding what works for you can clear mental clutter, setting the stage for a confident mindset.

Clutter’s Effect on Confidence

Clutter isn’t just a mess; it’s a confidence thief. Mental, visual, and physical clutter can all contribute to self-doubt and stress. From doubting your ability to organize a closet to feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff, clutter messes with your mojo. But fear not, Jessica’s got the antidote!

For those drowning in mental clutter, Jessica suggests a morning brain dump. The act of physically writing thoughts on paper helps process information better than typing. Coupled with meditation, yoga, or even voice memos, finding what works for you is crucial in decluttering the mind.

Stop Bringing Stuff In

Prevention is better than cure! Jessica’s advice: stop bringing things into your home without a clear purpose. Assess the usefulness and value of each item. This mindful approach prevents future clutter and helps you appreciate what you already have.

Addressing Mom’s Clutter Woes

The number one problem Jessica identifies is the belief that moms need to maintain everything. Spoiler alert: it’s impossible! Instead, set expectations for shared spaces, creating rules that everyone can follow. Simplifying and streamlining family life will relieve the pressure and minimize stress.

And there you have it, fearless fam! šŸš€ Jessica Litman has armed us with the tools to declutter our homes, minds, and boost that confidence. Remember, it’s all about progress, not perfection. So, let’s get organized, unclutter our lives, and shine on!

Until next time, stay fearless! Kelli šŸ’–

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