111. The #1 Sign of Divorce AND Turning Conflict into Connection with Julia Woods


Join me and the incredible Julia Woods on this game-changing episode focused on communication anc connection in our marriages. From unraveling the mysteries of our core beliefs to spicing up communication with your partner, Julia drops golden nuggets on strengthening relationships.

Imagine your love life as neighboring backyards, filled with thoughts, feelings, and those pesky weeds! Julia’s backyard analogy and tips on staying curious will have you saying ‘aha’ in no time.

Plus, discover the secret sauce to reigniting passion by embracing constant discovery. Get ready for laughter, insights, and a whole lot of love! 💖✨

In this episode

Uncovering the Magic of Core Beliefs

Julia kicked things off by dropping a truth bomb – did you know that a whopping 90 percent of our core beliefs are shaped before we hit the ripe old age of two? Crazy, right? These beliefs stick with us, and we end up thinking they’re universal truths. Imagine going through life thinking everyone sees the world exactly as you do. Wild!

The big takeaway? We’ve got to recognize that everyone’s got their unique beliefs, and that’s cool. It’s all about understanding where each other is coming from.

Pro Tips for Couple Communication

Now, onto some real talk about communication. Julia dished out some golden nuggets here. She painted this cool picture of marriage being like a neighborhood. You and your partner have your own little backyards with thoughts, feelings, and all that good stuff. The catch? We spend way too much time peeking over the fence, pointing out each other’s weeds.

Julia’s solution? Get in your own backyard! Take personal responsibility, shift from blaming “you” statements to owning “I” statements, and throw some curiosity into the mix. Ask questions like, “Is that true?” or “What brought you to do that?” Boom, conflict disarmed!

Curiosity and Growing Up Together

Curiosity isn’t just for cats; it’s a relationship game-changer. Julia shared a cool story about a conflict with her husband. Instead of getting defensive, she let curiosity lead the way. The result? A deep, meaningful conversation that wouldn’t have happened if she’d gone into full-blown defense mode. Lesson learned: emotional maturity and curiosity go hand in hand.

Passion Reloaded: Keep Discovering

Passion in relationships is all about discovery. Think about what you’re passionate about – you never stop learning, right? Same goes for your relationship. Julia urged us to ditch the idea that we should know everything about our partner. Instead, commit to learning something new about them every day.

Whether it’s how they load the dishwasher or what they’re learning lately, staying curious keeps that flame burning bright. It’s not about knowing all the facts; it’s about growing and evolving together.

Connect with Julia Woods

Ready for more of Julia’s wisdom? Find her on Instagram @HeyJuliaWoods. Julia’s on a mission to make relationship resources accessible to everyone, and she’s super passionate about those couples’ retreats she hosts.

She’s got big dreams too – envisioning more retreats and even owning a retreat center where relationships get the TLC they deserve. Julia’s not just talking the talk; she’s out there saving relationships one couple at a time.

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