Karen Stott: An Intentional Life

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 0:01 An Introduction to Karen Stott
  • 0:55 Listener Takeaways
  • 12:27 A Raindrop Versus the Ocean
  • 18:56  Getting Clarity
  • 22:26 Intentional Every Day
  • 28:16 Letting Go
  • 18:00 The Business Perspective
  • 20:42 Our Legacy
  • 23:54 Be Your Own Hero

An Introduction to Karen Stott

Karen is a visionary entrepreneur and designer who encourages women to invest in themselves. She is the founder of Pursuit Community and Mavenhill Ministries. Her new book, An Intentional Life, was written to help readers unlock their purpose.

Listener Takeaways

LaMirah loved the “mission versus commission” lesson from the book. How your missions manifest themselves in your life my shift with your varying experiences. So many people wonder about their personal purpose, but this helps with feeling all over the place.

Your callings or gifts will manifest as different titles throughout your life.

Lindy is taking away how God modeled community perfectly in the Trinity. We don’t need to handle things by ourselves! We should take time to think of our dreams and plans. We don’t need to just know what’s next. It’s something we have to practice.

Vision retreats are one option to intentionally take this time.

Anita loved the assertion that you don’t need grandiose dreams to have a purpose. She’s learning to recognize her impact even after doing the same work for extended periods of time. Thinking about what people will say at the end of an event or encounter is often more important than your perspective of it.  What are you doing now that is and is not worth it in the end?

A Raindrop Versus the Ocean

Karen shared a story about how her grandfather’s funeral absolutely packed the small white church in which it was held. At 91, he had spent his life impacting so many people in small, consistent ways that are not as glamorous as what many of us value on social media today. But rather than make a raindrop impact, I expressed wanting to make an ocean of impact for my own family. Karen’s other grandfather, one she did not write about, had very little positive impact. The way we interact with those around us, especially those in our families, really matters.

I, for one, want the right people at my funeral. I want my family to care that I’ve passed and feel well-impacted by my life.

Even small thinks like decor and recipes can follow your life once you’re gone. What do we want people to remember us by?

Getting Clarity

Ask yourself questions: what would be the worst thing to have taken away from you? Would it be devastating to not get to work your job? To not have people over? What from your past has been rewarding to you? When Karen was only ten years old, she tried to turn her bedroom into a full house! She loves decorating and writing, these things light her up.

We need to plug into what lights us up and what feels like a burden. Writing these down and prioritizing them in any life shifts will make a huge difference. Nurture your next seasons.

Intentional Every Day

Karen has an intentional days planner. Mindset, gratitude, and confirmations are all little things that she prioritized daily and makes a list of top 3 things that need to get done in a day.

She also writes down an intentional moment that she wants to make sure she’ll have or experience. If you do this each day, at the end of one year, you’ll have 365 intentional moments where you’re working towards the life that you want that you can look back on and celebrate!


Letting Go

Karen let go of her retreat business. She felt it in her gut. This wasn’t her path anymore. We need to be more honest with ourselves because if we feel like we shouldn’t be doing something, we’ll get bitter. Doing something we know we’re supposed to do feels different, even when it’s hard. How would you feel if the thing you may let go of was gone?

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