Susie Moore Let It Be Easy

Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews Author and Confidence Coach Susie Moore. They discuss choosing thoughts that feel good, mental tips for reframing seemingly stressful situations, and how to live life in a state of ease and joy. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 01:07 Susie’s New Book “Let It Be Easy”
  • 06:30 How Serious Is This Really?
  • 07:25 Looking at the Past with Present Lens
  • 10:15 A Light State of Mind
  • 22:36 The Get To-Do List
  • 28:00 The Palm Tree Analogy   
  • 30:15 Tips for Intimacy
  • 35:10 Concluding with a Fear Less Girl Challenge

Susie’s New Book “Let It be Easy” 

Kelli welcomes Susie to the show and talks about her new book titled “Let It Be Easy”. They discuss Susie’s story including her hardships, her accomplishments, and how she’s come to an enlightened perspective, which relates to the wisdom she shares in her new book. Susie talks about her experience and how she’s come to learn that ease is a skill to be learned. She also reminds us that self-help doesn’t have to be heavy. Life can be fun, lighthearted, and loving.   

How Serious is This Really?

Susie shares her number one question to ask herself when she’s feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. She shares how we often deal with daily stresses as if they are much bigger than they actually are. This question offers perspective as to what really matters and can bring you back into a state of ease.

Looking at the Past with a Present Lens

Susie draws on a concept from her book that demonstrates that the present creates the past. We often think that history creates the present, but it’s really about how you choose to look at your past. Susie shares her idea for her future TED talk. A story about two girls, one living a life full of trauma and hardship, and the other living a life of stability and abundance. She talks about how those girls are both her. But one of the stories feels better and provides a source of empowerment. By choosing that story, she gains more compassion and gentleness towards herself and her family. We have so much control over how we view the past and how it makes us feel in the present. 

A Light State of Mind

Susie talks about living in a state of joy and honesty. She shares her self-help journey and talks about how she’s come to process her history and life story. When you take a step back and look at others with compassion, you are reminded that everyone is doing their best. She talks about how we live in a loving world and how we need to extend that gentleness to how we view ourselves. She shares the importance of self-help and personal development and reminds us that all of these resources are designed to bring us back to a place of ease. Kelli and Susie talk about how our bodies are connected to our emotions and how we can use these signals to shape and reframe our mindsets. Instead of choosing thoughts that make us feel bad, we can look at them with curiosity and shift our thoughts in a conscious redirection. 

The Get To-Do List

Kelli talks about how we often dread the things on our to-do list, but really these are things we’ve chosen. Susie shares how we can shift from complaining about our obligations to looking at them as privileges. There are so many hidden blessings within our daily activities that we can rediscover with gratitude. They discuss how gratitude is a magnetizer for manifesting. By appreciating, we can find more room for opportunity. It’s all that we tune into. What we focus on expands. 

The Palm Tree Analogy  

Susie shares the wisdom she’s gained from palm trees. A friend of hers mentioned that palm trees actually get stronger during storms. In storms, their roots get deeper and they are so flexible they can bend almost completely horizontally in the wind. Palm trees can tap into their true power when they are strengthened by difficulty. She talks about how this is a life lesson of resilience. She relates these storms to knowing that we will be able to learn and grow from difficult times in our lives. 

Tips For Intimacy 

Kelli and Susie shift the conversation to a chapter of Susie’s book that talks about sex. They share how often times well into marriage, intimacy can come in waves. Susie explains how during these gaps, we often jump to the worst conclusions. She talks about ways to invite intimacy in relationships and new ways to look at your partner. The conversation ties back to the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we choose. 

Concluding with a Fear Less Girl Challenge

Susie and Kelli leave listeners with a challenge. A question to ask yourself in times of stress that challenges the importance of the issue and if it really matters. 

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