Micah Folsom: How to Do it All Without Losing Your Shiz

Micah Folsom: How to “Do it All” Without Losing Your Shiz

Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews Mentor, Coach, and Podcast Host Micah Folsom. They discuss getting aligned with what you want, evaluating how you are spending your time and energy, and stepping into the person that you want to be. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 01:45 Living in “AND” Instead of “OR”
  • 08:42 Determining Priorities
  • 14:07 Being Part of the 5% That Takes Action
  • 20:13 Consistency to Get What You Want
  • 27:00 Finding Grace in Your Self-Talk
  • 30:27 The Power of Personal Development 
  • 33:56 Conclusion

Living in “AND” Instead of “OR”

Kelli welcomes Micah and asks her to share some successes in her life that she’s proud of. Micah talks about family, business, and breaking the stigma of the either/or mentality. She relates this to the idea that people often think you can be a thriving entrepreneur OR a dedicated mother. She talks about how she has finally hit a sweet spot in her life where both aspects are working together in balance. She advocates that women can actually do it all. Micah talks about how she has made this balance possible in her life. She talks about really looking at what is essential and aligning your activities with your goals and where you’re at in life, depending on the season. Kelli and Micah both advocate for women delegating tasks to allow them to focus on the areas where their creativity, energy, and focus are best spent. 

Determining Priorities

Kelli asks Micah how women should determine what’s important as far as priorities. Micah advises women to first look at their calendars and where they are spending their time. She recommends aligning spending your time with the goals that are most important. The second piece of advice comes from an exercise that she did at a recent workshop. She talks about looking at what you want to create in your life, where you are currently at, and the gap between them. With this perspective, you can reevaluate and use it as an opportunity to align what you’re doing with your values. 

Being Part of the 5% That Takes Action

Kelli shares a statistic about how only 5% of the population actually takes action on things that they’ve learned in terms of personal development. As entrepreneurs, taking action is key to success. They discuss how people can take action in their lives. Micah talks about human design, personal strengths, and how different people’s energy is best spent. She also talks about the motivations behind our actions and how coming from a place of positivity can help us take action to achieve what we want. It’s more effective to look at the reward and the vision than to look at the negatives that aren’t working.

Consistency to Get What You Want

Kelli and Micah discuss doing the things that most people aren’t willing to do. Micah talks about creating consistent habits and a new normal that moves you in the direction of the things that you want. The key to success in any area of your life is building a routine and sticking to it. There is so much power in identifying as the person that you want to be and stepping into that person in the way you navigate your day. They also discuss detrimental perfectionism and how that holds people back. Taking action in some way, even if it’s a small step, generates more motivation and excitement around the activity. 

Finding Grace In Your Self-Talk

Kelli talks about not beating yourself up if things don’t go perfectly. All we can do is just keep trying. Micah and Kelli discuss how the words we say to ourselves are powerful. By identifying with what you want, it will empower you to keep going with your goals, instead of trying to be perfect along the way. Micah talks about being gentle with yourself if things are not going as quickly as you’d like when working towards what you want. She recommends looking at what you want, and how that fits into the bigger picture. It’s all a mindset shift around your priorities and future goals.  

The Power of Personal Development  

Kelli talks about how personal development has shaped her life experience and her journey. She talks about how her current work has helped her stay accountable and is so grateful for the role personal development has played in her life. Micah shares her personal development experience, and how her work has helped make it a central focus in her life. They talk about looking at your blocks and what is holding you back and getting intentional with what you really need.  


Micah shares how listeners can connect with her further, please find the resources below. Kelli and Micah conclude by reminiscing on how far they’ve come and the evolution of their personal development journeys. 

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