Deborah Koenigsberger: Get Out of Your Own Way to Help Others!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 01:18 The Thrifty Hog
  • 06:23 How It Started
  • 13:04 Advice For Making a Change In The World
  • 20:05 Getting Our Kids Involved In Service
  • 27:51 Angels Landing

The Thrifty Hog

Kelli talks about her experience visiting the Thrifty Hog in New York, which stands for Hearts Of Gold. Deborah owns The Thrifty Hog and it is used as a job training program for homeless mothers, to help break the cycle of homelessness. She hires them, pays them a living wage, and helps them get out of the shelters, into permanent housing. Kelli talks about the treasure she found when visiting, and how she ended up crossing paths with Deborah at the store. She fell in love with her story which led her to invite her to be a guest on this podcast! Deborah shares a little bit about the inspiration behind her mission and what led her to start this business. 

How It Started

After realizing the signs in her life that were pointing her in the direction of her calling, Deborah started out by donating for Christmas. She realized the power in giving and creating magic for children, and hasn’t turned back since. Deborah also owns an upscale French boutique and when her customers learned what she was doing, they were eager to help out. Though Deborah recognized that these Moms needed more than luxury fashion, they needed jobs. She opened The Thrifty Hog where people could donate their gently used clothing items to help the moms in starting a new life. Kelli and Deborah talk about how listeners can help the cause this Christmas. 

Advice For Making a Change In The World

Deborah shares her advice for finding the confidence to make a difference in the world. She talks about getting out of our own heads. Like making a stranger smile at the grocery store and how we all have the power to unearth someone’s smile, to unearth someone’s confidence. She talks about how acts of kindness can change someone’s day and even their future. And how it’s so important it is to listen to our instinct. Kelli and Deborah talk about community over competition and how we need to come together versus divide. They remind us to be present and change our focus from ourselves to others. 

Getting Our Kids Involved In Service

Kelli asks Deborah to share some tips for moms to get their kids involved in the spirit of giving. She recommends leading by example instead of telling them what to do. Her family always demonstrated kindness as she was growing up. She also shares some special lessons that she taught her kids. She invites parents to bring their children along while taking part in community service and acts of kindness. By doing this, we can unlock their power, so that they can go forward into the world with the spirit of giving. 

Angels Landing

Deborah shares something that her and Kelli talked about during their meeting at the boutique. She relates this idea of angels landing to when special people come into your life, whether it be for two minutes or two decades, and make an impact that changes your thinking or course of action. They are small, but magical moments but she reminds us all to take the time to recognize these moments. Kelli talks about how Deborah was her angel landing and invites people to donate to Hearts Of Gold to help these mothers and children during Christmas. Deborah shares how people can connect with her. Please find the resources below.

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