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Description: In this episode, Kelli interviews star of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Hannah is a New York Times Bestselling Author for her book God Bless This Mess, and has starred previously on Dancing with The Stars, as well as being crowned Miss Alabama in 2018. Hannah opens up about her journey of dealing with mental health and shares her experience to help others and remind them that they too will be okay. 


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 03:01 Hannah’s Mental Health Journey
  • 08:00 Hesitation to Go on Medication
  • 15:07 Living Without a Phone
  • 22:01 Journaling For Healing
  • 31:05 Talking About Trauma
  • 38:20 We’re Going To Be Okay 


Hannah’s Mental Health Journey

Hannah shares the history of struggles with mental health in her family. It was always a sensitive subject for them which left Hannah feeling alone. She couldn’t explain the anxiousness and sadness that she felt. When she finally went to the doctor for an unrelated illness, she opened up to the doctor about how she was feeling. From that time, it has been a continued journey. To this day she is evaluating her life to see what she can do to feel the most happy. 

Hesitation to Go On Medication

Kelli and Hannah talk about each of their experiences with taking medication for mental health. When prescribed medication, there can be a hesitation or a feeling of shame, but the truth is, it can be so helpful to get back to feeling like yourself. When people share their stories, it gives others the confidence to take those next steps. Hannah is proud of how she has shared her vulnerability in order to help others. 

Living Without a Phone

When filming for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, they weren’t allowed to have their phones. Hannah talks about her experience living without it for eight weeks. At first she had anxiety about it, but it turned out to be a really positive experience. She was able to be truly herself in a way that she hadn’t before in the presence of phones and social media. Hannah has taken some of what she learned about herself during the time she didn’t have her phone into her life after the show. Even though she is a social media influencer, she puts limits on how long she is on her phone each day and tries to be more intentional with how she spends her time on it. 

Journaling for Healing

Hannah talks about how journaling has helped her in her mental health journey. She has been journaling since college, but it wasn’t until she was on The Bachelor that she really started using it to understand how she was feeling and why. Growing up, she was always the good girl who was living in a way that appeased others, but through this growth journey, she is learning to trust herself and act in a way that feels true to her. The process of journaling has strengthened her self-awareness and internal dialogue. 

Talking About Trauma

It’s so important to talk about trauma instead of suppressing it. Hannah talks about how growing up she learned to suppress things and not talk about them as a coping mechanism. She is now working through the source of her pain in therapy. The pandemic created stillness that opened the door to her healing and processing. Hannah believes that when you are going through the process of healing, it gets a little harder before it gets easier. 

We’re Going to Be Okay

Hannah shares what she’s learned while going through this journey. She accepts that there are hard days, but she knows that she will ultimately be okay. The episode concludes with Hannah sharing what’s next for her. She is really sitting in this moment and celebrating her success of writing the book, and is so grateful that she can continue to help others. 

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