Angie Lee: Ready is a Lie

: In this episode Kelli is sharing an interview in which the roles were reversed and SHE was the the guest….and she made her interviewer CRY! You don’t want to miss this powerful conversation on confidence and self talk, and who knows, maybe Kelli can get you to shed a few tears too, .


  • 02:00  Who is Angie Lee
  • 08:14 Follow The Fun
  • 11:11 Taking a Break for Your Mental Health
  • 19:23 Finding Your Purpose (Be embarrassed)
  • 23:33 Ready is a Lie
  • 30:40 Own Your Weird
  • 44:00 On Days When Angie Doesn’t Feel Confident


Angie is a public speaker, An Instagram influencer and a popular podcaster with over 15 million downloads, which is absolutely incredible. She also describes herself as your weirdest friend. She started in the online space way back in 2009 with a health and wellness blog with no intention to monetize it, but over the years has built up her brand and business with what it is today. Her biggest message to women about wellness is sharing what it feels like to feel good and how we all can experience it.


Goals are cool, but if you’re not enjoying the process than whats the point? The way Angie makes goals is different than what she says most people do. For her, she asks “would this be fun?” And then she goes for it. Following the fun has been something that motivates her and it’s interesting to find out what motivates different people. But again, if you’re not having fun and enjoying it, then really, what is the point?


Angie says it’s healthy and normal and human to feel like you need a break. We aren’t machines, but we’ve been conditioned to think that we all need to operate like one. We are competing with apps that we designed by machines, basically and these robots who expect us to be robots, you have to post every day, five times a day, six meals, a day, 17 million stories, it can be a lot. So if you need a break it’s okay because you are not a machine or a robot. You are a human.

When you are contemplating needing a break it can be a good idea to differentiate between are you still committed to the vision and the mission, or are you over it completely and need to step away one hundred percent. Taking a break will not derail your whole life. In fact, most times you come back even stronger because of the break. .


Angie doesn’t believe you “find your purpose”. It’s not hidden somewhere. It’s not in just one course or one module or experience. You find it by living life and getting out there and exploring things and trying new things. There isn’t a four or five step process to finding your purpose, its’ getting out on the field and playing. It’s a lot of testing and it’s a lot of baby steps. And it’s okay to try things and have them not be for you. It’s normal and okay to try things and say, “nope. Okay next.” and move on and try something else out. In the trying and exploring is where you will find what lights you up.


If we all waited until we were “ready” nothing would ever get done. There’s so many things that life that you’re never qualified before they happen. For example: You’re not ready to launch that course or start that podcast. You’re not ready to start taking care of your health, you’re not ready to be a mom to a child with cancer. Not being ready for something is a universal experience for all of us, so the idea of being ready for something before it actually happens is crazy! Non of us are ready! The book Angie is writing is not just for business, but for any woman who is growth minded.


Own your weird is actually going to be one of the chapters in Ready is a Lie. Ultimately the biggest message around authenticity and owning your weird is that the word weird doesn’t mean you have to be loud or silly or, or comedic or anything like that. A lot of times people assume that’s what it means. Weird just means different and it just means whatever that looks like for you. My (Angie’s) version of weird is gonna be different than your version of weird and, and everybody else listening. Owning your weird is, is this sense of knowing that if you are different, whether it’s you want it to not color in the lines, you wanted to be an entrepreneur, you wanted to go down a different path and that’s such a beautiful thing.

And to not ignore that, and a lot of people are trying to dim their light and trying to fit in right now versus being weird and standing out. And especially if you do have a personal brand, the number one way to stand out right now is to not do what everybody else is doing in your space.

And if you can just be a little bit different, like that ultimately makes you stand out. Owning your weird is about just caring less about. Like people judging you and we’re going to always care a little bit, but it’s really coming from that place of knowing who you are and, and not being afraid of the judgment and the comparison and just owning what makes you, you, what makes you quirky and weird and different.


This cannot be emphasized enough: Movement is Medicine. If you have a lot of anxious energy in you, or you’re in a place of indecision, I always say go move more, move that energy. That helps me to build more confidence and clarity because I know one I’m taking care of myself and my body. It’s a form of self-expression, whether it is running, dancing, yoga, whatever that is.


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