The Pitfalls of People-Pleasing: How to Build Better Boundaries and Relationships with Yourself, Spouse, and Kids with Spanki Mills-Farris (Part Two)


Welcome back to part two of my incredible conversation with the remarkable Spanki. I hope you’ve had a chance to catch up on Part One because today, we’re diving even deeper into some essential life lessons.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

The Power of Setting Boundaries

Spanki and I explored the significance of boundaries in our lives. We learned that boundaries are not just a set of rules but an expression of self-respect. Setting boundaries is crucial for maintaining our self-confidence and fostering positive connections with others.

The Pitfall of People Pleasing

We discussed the tendency many of us have to be people pleasers, often at the expense of our own well-being. Spanki shared a personal story from her childhood that vividly illustrates how prioritizing others’ comfort above our own can lead to unhappiness and frustration.

Balancing Helpfulness and Self-Care

Balancing our desire to help others with the need to take care of ourselves can be challenging. I shared my own experiences and how I’m learning to prioritize self-care and assertiveness, even when it means saying no to others. Spanki’s insights on finding this balance were truly eye-opening.

Nurturing Friendships with Our Children

A unique aspect of our conversation was the concept of being friends with our children. Spanki emphasized the value of nurturing a friendship with our kids while maintaining a respectful and open parent-child relationship. Her stories of being friends with her children showed us how this approach can lead to strong connections and open communication.

Trust, Open Communication, and Mutual Respect

Overall, our conversation underscores the importance of setting boundaries, valuing ourselves, and nurturing relationships with loved ones, especially our kids. By working on trust, open communication, and mutual respect, we can build deeper, more meaningful connections in our lives.

I hope you found these insights as inspiring and transformative as I did. Remember that building healthy relationships, establishing boundaries, and embracing vulnerability are all part of our journey to fearlessness.

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