98. Ditch Regret and Guarantee Your Goals with This 3-Step Plan with Jon Acuff Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my conversation with Jon Acuff. If you missed part 1 make sure you listen first to get the full scope and power of this two part episode.

In part one we dove into the concept of the “best moments list”, the three types of goals you should have and more. 

In part two we are going deeper into embracing the beginning mindset, creating accountability, personal scorecards and more! 

Let’s dive into the highlights:

  1. Give Yourself Grace as a Beginner: Jon shared a story about his struggle with leadership. When he expressed self-doubt, his friend Nate suggested reframing it as being a “new leader.” The lesson? Embrace being new at something rather than criticizing yourself.
  2. Think Like a Tourist: Approach new challenges with the mindset of a tourist. High performers often find it tough to accept they’re not instantly excellent at something. But, just like tourists, give yourself some slack as you learn.
  3. Tie Goals to Your Calendar: Jon emphasized that time is the only honest metric. To make your goals real, integrate them into your calendar. Allocate time for what matters to you.
  4. Set Boundaries and Minimize Distractions: We discussed the challenges of distractions in our digital age. Create boundaries and strategies to protect your time. It’s essential, especially in this age of constant distractions.
  5. Use Personal Scorecards: Track your progress with personalized scorecards. They help you stay motivated and provide tangible proof of your achievements.
  6. Adjust Goals to Life Seasons: Remember that different life stages require different scorecards. Customize your approach to match your current priorities and challenges. Don’t compare your journey to others; it’s unique.
  7. Be Present: Jon shared a touching story about losing the present moment when distracted by his phone at his daughter’s event. It was a powerful reminder that the now is what matters most.
  8. Customize Your Approach: Recognize that what works for someone else might not work for you. Tailor your goal pursuit to your unique strengths, weaknesses, and circumstances.

Before you go!


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