102. Maximizing Business Success with Text Marketing: A Deep Dive with Project Broadcast Co-Founder Jake Dempsey

Oh boy! I’ve got an electrifying episode for you today! We’re diving headfirst into a marketing revolution that can elevate your business game. I’m joined by the incredible Jake Dempsey, co-founder of Project Broadcast, to unravel the potential of text marketing. Get ready for an episode that’s packed with insights and strategies to supercharge your business!

The Magic of Text Marketing

Sky-High Open Rates

When it comes to open rates, text marketing is a true champion. We’re talking about a jaw-dropping 98%! That’s right; 98% of text messages are opened by their recipients. Compare that to email marketing, where it’s a constant struggle to break through the clutter, and you’ll understand why text marketing is a game-changer.

The Magic of Keywords and Campaigns

Text marketing is all about keywords and campaigns. A keyword is a unique term your audience texts to a specific number to opt in for your exclusive content or promotions. For example, texting “DEAL” to a designated number could grant you access to exclusive deals from a business.

Campaigns, on the other hand, are where the real magic happens. It’s all about crafting sequences of messages to be sent at scheduled intervals, ensuring your audience receives consistent and engaging content.

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Let’s kick it up a notch and explore some advanced strategies and inspiring success stories from businesses that have mastered the art of text marketing.

Deliver Outstanding Content

Remember, text marketing isn’t just about sending messages; it’s about delivering outstanding content. You can share text, images, PDFs, videos, and more. Think about it – you can offer guides, tips, and resources that your audience craves. For instance, if you’re aiming to help your followers amass a thousand Instagram followers, create a keyword for that, and watch your engagement skyrocket.

Automate Relationship Building

Get ready to be mind-blown by the magic of automation. Picture this: you set up a series of messages, also known as a campaign, to nurture your audience automatically. After someone opts in for your content, they receive follow-up messages on a predefined schedule. It’s relationship building on autopilot, and it’s nothing short of sensational.

Get Creative with Text Marketing

One thing you’ll love about text marketing is its incredible versatility. The possibilities are endless and here are just a few examples:

  • 21 Days to Confident Mini-Course: You can craft a challenge for your audience. Offer a mini-course and accompany it with daily confidence-boosting texts. The best part? It’s all automated, making it an exciting and convenient experience.
  • Sample Series: When people request samples, use the magic of configuration. Ask for their email, and trigger a campaign that keeps them informed about their sample’s status. This adds a personal touch that your audience will cherish.
  • Training Series: Elevate your team’s potential with a training series. Whether it’s welcoming new members or nurturing your existing team, a series of daily messages will keep them on track and motivated.
  • Podcast Reminders: If you’re a podcaster, this one’s for you. Allow your audience to sign up for podcast reminders through text marketing. A simple text can keep them in the loop, making sure they never miss an episode.

Personal Touch That Amazes

Don’t underestimate the power of personal touch. Imagine you have a prospect like Sally, who mentions her son’s baseball game on social media. You can schedule a message for her after the game, showing genuine interest in her life. It’s the little things that make a big impact.

The Strength of Owning Your List

Now, let’s talk about a hidden gem in text marketing – owning your list. Unlike social media platforms, you own your text marketing list. Even when platforms like Facebook and Instagram experience downtime, your list remains intact. You can transition it seamlessly to your next business venture.

Remember the day when Facebook and Instagram were down for hours? Project Broadcast witnessed a surge in sign-ups because businesses realized the power of having a direct connection to their audience. Owning your list means your marketing efforts can continue even when platforms falter.

Timing and Frequency

When it comes to timing and frequency, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Messages should be sent when your audience wants to receive them. If they opt in for daily messages, they expect and appreciate them. Always consider time zones and maintain a consistent messaging schedule to meet your audience’s expectations.

The Golden Tip for Text Marketing Triumph

Now, here’s the ultimate tip for text marketing success: just use it.

Prioritize your business goals and make text marketing a crucial part of your strategy. Identify the problems you want to solve and leverage Project Broadcast’s features to address them effectively. Focus on one challenge at a time, and then move on to the next one. The businesses that shine with Project Broadcast are the ones that use it to tackle their most critical problems.

In a nutshell, text marketing is the secret sauce to building meaningful relationships with your audience, delivering exceptional content, and maintaining direct connections with your customers. Get creative, prioritize your business goals, and watch your success soar with text marketing.

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