The Misconception Entrepreneurs Have About Their Biz with Social Selling Business Coach Kristen Boss


Buckle up for an electrifying episode featuring the unstoppable force that is Kristen Boss, an amazing social selling business coach, If you’re on a quest to unveil your entrepreneurial brilliance or facing hurdles in network marketing that seem insurmountable, Kristen’s got your back!

In this episode:

Sparking Confidence Fireworks:

Kristen Boss kicks off this epic conversation by shattering the confidence myth. It’s not the reward for success; it’s the fuel propelling you towards it. Picture confidence, not as the endgame trophy, but the byproduct of daring, consistent action. Kristen challenges you to flip the script and let confidence grow as you march boldly through your entrepreneurial journey.

Niche vs. Tribe: The Ultimate Power Play:

Kristen delves into the magical world of niches and tribes, debunking the notion that your niche must mirror your product. Um, talk about a a paradigm shift! Kristen urges you to focus on values and interests, creating a magnetic force that draws your audience in. It’s like finding your entrepreneurial soulmates, not just customers.

Social Media Revolution:

Think that you are too late to the game and that social media is over saturated? Think again! Kristen declares social media a playground where everyone’s a winner if they hustle. Going all-in is the secret sauce. Brace yourself for infinite network expansion and opportunities galore!

Social Media Mastery: Avoiding Pitfalls:

Kristen spills the beans on the common social media blunders. No more sticking to the same crowd! Kristen insists on venturing beyond comfort zones to ignite visibility and engagement. It’s time to break free from the shackles of familiarity and embrace the vastness of the social media universe.

Craft a Niche that Roars:

Kristen steers us through the maze of niches, clarifying that it’s not about the product but the value that beckons your audience. Whether it’s millennial mom humor or gentle parenting, let your niche be a magnet. And here’s the golden nugget – share your scars, not your scabs. Kristen invites you to open up about past struggles, turning your vulnerability into a superpower.

The Three C’s Extravaganza: Confidence, Commitment, Consistency:

You all know I love my alliterations and I have shared before about the three C’s for success – Confidence, Commitment, and Consistency. I asked Kristen for her thoughts about confidence and what she shared was pure gold. Forget the notion that confidence comes after success; Kristen insists it’s the engine that propels you there. And she also added another C to the list: Curiosity. Curiosity is the unsung hero, urging you to be curious about challenges and face them with unwavering self-compassion. Let the three (or four) C’s be your anthem to triumph!

Fear Busting on Social Media:

Still a little bit scared of social media? Kristen says it’s not just you-in fact that fear is primal! She takes us on a journey into the primal roots of fear, entwined with our fundamental need for belonging. Kristen’s battle plan? Understand and de-risk your fear. Embrace discomfort and play the “and then what” game. Conquering fear becomes your entrepreneurial superpower.

Wow. I got so much out of this episode and I just know that you did too! I want to thank Kristen for all her amazing insights and can’t wait to see what you do now that you are probably crazy inspired after this episode.

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