107. Letting Go Of Other People’s Opinions with Natalie Franke


We are back with another exciting episode, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome our guest today, Natalie Franke, the author of the book we have been reading for November in our Finally Fearless Book Club.

In this episode, we are diving into the inspiration behind “Gutsy” and the pivotal moments that led Natalie to explore the deep-rooted fears holding people back from pursuing their dreams, how to let go of other people’s opinions, and living with more bravery.

In this episode:

Fear vs. Failure

One thing I loved from the book was when Natalie noticed a common theme among small business owners—their dreams were often left unexplored due to fear, not failure. By distinguishing between fear and failure, she highlights the paralysis caused by the fear of what others think.

Unraveling the Fear of Others’ Opinions

We have some unique challenges of navigating modern life, where our every moment is a spectator sport. And that’s crazy! I mean, it’s no wonder that we struggle with other people’s opinions because it’s easier than ever to hear and see those opinions! Natalie highlights this societal shift and emphasizes why we need to develop new tools to navigate this era of constant scrutiny.

Courage is a Muscle

Several years back, Natalie decided to make “fearless” her word of the year, which you know we love that word here! But she said that year and that word: it changed everything. From crossing oceans to bungee jumping and even getting a tattoo, Natalie’s fearless year was a rollercoaster of courageous decisions. It got me thinking about the power of declaring our intentions and how it can shape the trajectory of our lives.

One of the profound insights Natalie shared is that courage is a muscle. It’s not just reserved for those adrenaline-pumping moments but is cultivated in the small, daily decisions. This resonates deeply—every tiny act of fearlessness contributes to an overall gutsy lifestyle. Natalie’s journey encourages us to flex that courage muscle in our own lives.

If you think that sounds great, I can’t wait for you to get the full scoop by listening to the full podcast episode….


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