114. Navigating Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Agoraphobia with Layla Palmer


I’m back with the second part of my heart-to-heart conversation with the amazing Layla Palmer. In this episode, Layla and I open up about our personal experiences with anxiety, panic attacks, and the fear that comes with it. It’s a real and raw discussion that we hope helps anyone who might be going through this or something similar.

In this episode:

Toughest Part of Layla’s Book

We kick things off discussing Layla’s book and the toughest part to write. Layla spills the beans on her journey from generalized anxiety to panic disorder. She wanted readers to feel every bit of it, emphasizing the power of self-love. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions!

Friendship and Vulnerability

I jump in, sharing my first panic attack in 2020 ( in a dentist office!) and how Layla’s comforting words bonded us. Yep, it’s all about vulnerability and friendship. Turns out we are not alone in our struggles and while being open about them can be hard, it’s where we find connection and healing.

Layla takes us back to her first panic attack years ago, mistaking it for a heart attack. We chat about the confusion, medical visits, and the lingering effects. The conversation smoothly shifts to Layla’s agoraphobia – fear of panicking in challenging situations.

Conquering Anxiety with Baby Steps

Agoraphobia defined! Layla breaks it down, emphasizing the need for gentle baby steps to conquer anxiety. She uses a horse analogy – from just walking together to eventually riding. It’s all about progression.

Book Recommendation – “Hope and Healing for Your Nerves”

Book recommendation time! Layla suggests “Hope and Healing for Your Nerves.” We loved its rebel approach – embracing fear, challenging panic, and surrendering to the experience. It’s a game-changer.

Magic of Breathwork and Ragdolling

We spill the beans on anxiety meds and the magic of breathwork. I stress the importance of breathing to signal safety to your body. Layla adds ragdolling – consciously relaxing your body – as a therapeutic practice. So, breathe in and relax!

The Power of Sharing and Seeking Support

Our convo touches on talking it out, seeking support, and opening up about anxiety. Layla highlights the relief that comes with uncorking your emotions and the strength in sharing your struggles.

Affirmation – You Are Peace

I wrap it up with the affirmation that our bodies come from a place of peace. Trust and soften amidst life’s chaos. Layla echoes it, urging self-love and recognizing your body’s protective nature.

Until next time, stay inspired, keep breathing, and remember – you are peace.

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